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Wharf Marine Pile Coatings Refurbishment

Wharves & Jetties - Marine Infrastructure


Nearly 8 in 10 Australians live within 50 kilometers of the coastline of Australia. Maritime industry and infrastructure plays a key economic and social component in the lives of everyday Australians with considerable avoidable costs lost each year due to corrosion around these structures.


Marine wharf refurbishment projects, protect coastal assets from ongoing corrosion predominately to concrete and steel structures. Steel piles encased in concrete are common areas where sever corrosion can occur and if left untreated may present irreversable damage.


PCM Group has been delivering wharf and jetty refurbishment projects for over ten years around Australia. We operate a wide range of marine and land based assets specially designed for maritime refurbishment projects such as a ten metre surveyed work boat allowing unrestricted access to the underside of maritime structures for blasting and coating programs of marine fenders, wale beams and other strucutural supports.


Our recent projects include the refurbishment of the iconic Stokes Hill Wharf located in Darwin and a number of wharf and jetty repairs located in Port Hedland.


PCM Group recently provided the fabrication, blasting and coating services to the award winning Cullen Bay Floating Pontoon for regional ferry services around Darwin.


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