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Vacuum loading and Hydro Excavtion

Vacuum Loading Services

PCM Group operates KingVac 11000 Vacuum Loading trucks to further improve our environmental sustainability policy for construction projects undertaken for our clients. This trucks provides and efficient means of collecting waste materials generated as part of our blast programs or to assist with customers meeting their environmental obligations.


Our crews are experienced in delivering vacuum loading services includingr the removal of liquid wastes from tanks, bilges, pits, sumps and bunds, cooling towers and waste ponds.


PCM Group also conduct vacuum potholing and hydro excavation services which is the preferred non-destructive digging method when operating in or near essential services including gas pipelines and electrical cables.


Hydro excavation allows for the digging of precise potholes and trenches ensuring that fewer materials are being removed from the ground minimising backfilling requirements. This method of excavation reduces environmental impact from using heavy plant and machinery ensuring fewer disturbances from the immediate surrounding areas and less restoration.


The vacuum truck is available for wet and dry hire for both short and long term periods.


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