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Tank Linings Abrasive Blasting

Industrial Tank Refurbishment

Corrosion in tanks has the potential to lead to billions of dollars in direct and indirect costs around Australia. Corrosion can lead to failure of the structural integrity of above and below ground storage tanks which can lead to environmental pollution and health and safety issues towards the public.


PCM Group have been delivering tank inspection, repairs and refurbishment programs for over ten years building sound relationships with key asset managers such as Power and Water Corporation in the Northern Territory,Vopak Termianls Darwin


Our ability to mobilise to remote and regional areas as a self sufficient team allows us to provide the customer with a cost effective program and direct consultation ensuring we understand the customers needs to deliver their project.


We have experience in the application of a range of tank coatings for both internal and external protection including state of the art Polyurea linings. Our coatings experience extends from standard steel and alloy tanks to concrete containment vessels including sewer networks and access chambers.


Our staff can provide advanced containment and encapsulation systems for all internal and external blasting and coating programs meeting the most stringent environmental requirements. Our access solutions are delivered in house by certified tradesman including basic scaffolding techniques and more demanding rope access systems.

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