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Industrial Maintenance Services 

Protective Coating Systems

It's widely reported that as much as 50% of corrosion repair costs in Industry are avoidable with nearly 85% of this due to failure of coatings.


PCM Group is an approved applicator and inspector of a wide range of industrial protective coatings in use throughout Australia. Over the years we have been engaged to assist clients in developing painting specifications to meet their budgets and applications due to our extensive product and application knowledge.

Our close relationships with a number of product suppliers including Dulux, PPG, International, Wattyl, Jotun and Hempel ensure that we have access to the latest information and data sheets, application methods and competitive pricing. This allows us to develop proven specifications for customer approvals where requested and quality application of works ensuring full warranty compliance.

Ultra High Pressure Water Jetting

Hydro blasting operations provide a cost effective, environmentally friendly and efficient means to industrial cleaning by removing dirt, scale or unwanted materials from surfaces and structures, including bridges, wharves, process plants, infrastructure, tanks (internal & external), buildings, pipework (internal & external), marine vessels and any other industrial application.


PCM Group has an extensive range of high pressure blast equipment tailored for every solution. Whether it’s removing marine growth from vessels and maritime infrastructure, slurry from processing plants or cleaning of internals to oil and fuel tanks, PCM Group has the equipment, certification and competence to look after your needs.
Our hydro blasting equipment ranges from 3,000 PSI used to cater for general cleaning, fresh water wash down and degreasing applications to 40,000 PSI which can be used for hydro jetting, paint removal and concrete demolitions works.

PCM Group has developed a full range of mobile equipment that can be transported safely to remote locations including offshore establishments. Specialised transport framework ensures that critical hydro blasting equipment is safely transported and compatible with shipping, offshore and remote area work sites.

PCM Group can tailor a water blasting package to meet any program including self-sufficient access to potable water through specifically designed trucks carrying water tanks for use in remote areas.

Services that we can provide include tank and vessel cleaning, surface preparation, pipe and tube cleaning, sewer and drain cleaning, concrete demolition, cold cutting steelwork, hydro excavation, de-scaling, degreasing, vessel wash down and schedule shut down general cleaning duties.

PCM Group operators are fully trained and compliant with confined spaces, working at heights with a number of operators also possessing Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training (BOSIET) qualifications.

Providing mobility, flexibility and self-sufficiency in hydro blasting services, ensures that PCM Group can meet all project requirements without disruption to production operations or schedules in a safe and cost effective manner.

Abrasive Blasting

Choosing the right abrasive blast material is critical in providing quality and conforming surface profiles that meet Australian Standards. There is a wide range of abrasive media that can be used for blasting operations within the industrial environment and understanding the benefits, limitations and restrictions of each plays an important role in delivering a cost, labour and environmental efficient blasting program.


PCM Group has experience in the use of a variety of blast media including garnet, steel grit, steel shot, coal slag, glass bead, plastic, alumina oxide, cut wire and ceramic. The type of surface, condition of existing protective coating and the desired finish all need to be considered when selecting the most suitable abrasive media. PCM Group  understand when and where to use each media to achieve best results that conforms also to environmental and regulatory framework.


Garnet is the most widely used form of blast media providing low dust emissions, high productivity, low consumption, superior surface quality and improved health, safety and environmental implications.


Understanding the equipment used to deliver blasting operations provides added efficiencies with production, schedule and cost improvements. PCM Group  Blaster/Painters are trained and experienced in the safe operation and maintenance of abrasive blasting equipment where control of pressure, volume and air quality can make significant savings to projects.

Hydro Concrete Demolition

PCM Group provides specialised hydro demolition services utilising Ultra High Pressure (UHP) water jet with pressures operating at a range of approximately 40,000 psi.

Using hydro demolition methods reduces the risk of damaging immediate surrounding areas, including sound concrete where no damage or deterioration may be present.

Hydro demolition can be conducted in a variety of ways including full hydro demolition, partial hydro demolition and scabbling.

Full hydro demolition is the removal of an entire slab or section of concrete. Hydro demolition increases the speed of concrete removal over traditional removal methods providing an alternative cost effective solution.

Other benefits from employing hydro demolition techniques include reduced dust emissions; reduced noise levels, mitigates potential risks of surrounding surface micro fracturing or cracking to structures and provides a more selective removal of unwanted concrete leaving sound concrete in situ.

PCM Group can also provide scabbling services where only the top layer of concrete may need to be removed. UHP hydro scabbling ensures that once the top layer of concrete is removed, a rough, irregular surface profile is created ensuring a bonding profile is present for the new concrete layer to adhere to. Scabbling provides industry with safe, environmentally friendly and efficient means to remove areas of concrete which may be damaged or to assist in design changes or removal of surface bonded structures such as rail and transfer trolleys.

Partial hydro demolition can be used to remove concrete materials to expose materials that may require replacement, works or repairs due to concrete cancer. Hydro demolition provides an easy means to expose reinforcement materials, which may be subject to rust and degradation allowing for partial repairs at reduced costs.


Vacuum & Waste Removal Services


To complement hydro blasting operations and provide safe, cost effective and efficient industrial cleaning solutions that are passed onto our customers, PCM Group operates the latest technology in vacuum loading equipment. The King Vac 11000 vacuum truck provides safe, fast and efficient removal of a variety of waste mediums both wet and dry. The truck can handle up to 10,000 litres of waste at a single time whilst maintaining continuous suction of approximately 27” HG at 6500 cubic feet per minute. Waste materials can also be extracted from a depth of 200 metres.


PCM Group can provide service packages incorporating ultra-high water pressure blasting to effectively clean large industrial sites and structures ensuring that all waste water and slurry are removed using vacuum loading techniques allowing for a safe and professional finish.


Our vacuum loading operators are fully trained in vacuum operations including environmental sustainability, emergency procedures including spill response and waste handling.


Additional vacuum loading applications include:


Tanks/ Emergency Response/Storm Water/ Sumps & Bunds/ Pits & Culverts/Sludge’s, Slurries & Solids/Waste Ponds/Vessels & Shipping/Maintenance Shut Downs/Cooling Towers/Site Clean Ups/ Hydro Excavation


Scaffolding & Encapsualtion

Delivering safe access to our workforce, the customer and wider community during projects is a priority of ours. Our workforce includes qualified Advanced Scaffolders that are responsible for delivering these safe work platforms and encapsulation systems.

Our workforce delivers innovative solutions to enable access to a range of infrastructure whether it’s providing access and containment of wharves, bridges, tanks and vessels or safe work platforms via suspension scaffolding.

Scaffolding plays an integral part of blasting and painting operations allowing risks associated with working at heights to be mitigated and at the same time provided operating efficiencies.


Scaffolding more often than not provides the framework for encapsulation of projects reducing dust and waste material contamination of the environment and immediate surrounding work areas whilst at the same time provides noise buffering and restricting access to work sites. Our innovative encapsulation ideas have been at the forefront of a number of successful projects including full blast and coatings to Australian Navy warships, Darwin’s Stokes Hill Wharf refurbishment and Ship Synchro lift and travelator systems.

PCM Group has integrated a certified scaffolding workforce which further reduces project costs whilst improving mobilisation and demobilisation activities. PCM Group maintains in excess of 100 tonnes of scaffolding on site to enable immediate mobilisation of works as required.

Concrete Remediation 

PCM Group can provide complete solutions for concrete and flooring repairs and refurbishments

These structures as building facades, bridges, car parks, overpasses, wharfs, jetties, silos , marine, industrial and commercial structures such as roof tops, floors, stairways etc.

The type of services we can offer include:

  • Concrete removal by hydro demolition

  • Repair of spalling or damaged areas of concrete

  • Application of special hydraulic mortars Repair and/or replacement of joint sealants

  • Protective and architectural coatings

  • Epoxy crack injection

  • Coating systems for both single and two packs to thick self-levelling high performance anti slip toppings and high impact wear resistant coatings for any size floors and requirements.

  • Grouting solutions

  • High Performance coatings including acid protection

  • Waterproofing 

  • Protective Coatings

  • Concrete reinforcement fabrication repairs

  • Cathodic Protection (Sacrificial)

Fabrication and Welding Services

PCM Group can provide all your fabrication needs that usually complement abrasive blasting, protective coating and refurbishment programs.


Our team of qualified Engineers, boilermakers and sheet metal tradesman provides extensive industrial experience in stainless steel, mild steel and aluminium fabrication and repair works, providing certified welding and general fabrication services to the industrial sector. 


The team at PCM Group manufacture quality custom stainless steel and aluminium metal work products that range from bollards, balustrading, hand rails, storage boxes, access ladders, walkways, floating pontoons and jetties. All works are conducted using fully welded marine grade providing excellent corrosion resistance suited to the maritime and industrial sectors.



Insulation / Cladding / Sheet Metal Work                   & Foam Injection 

Our team includes experienced Managers, Supervisors and craft with vast experience working in both the construction and maintenance divisions. Through our network of International suppliers PCM Group has access and supply chains to a vast range of Insulation Materials to cover all Insulation Systems and complete the most challenging scopes ranging from temperatures of 1200°C down to -160°C

PCM Group has successfully carried out multiple projects throughout Western Australia and Northern Territory over the past years. Our team has experienced in-house Inspection Personal and Supervisors Certified by both the CINI and ICCOR institutions. This enables PCM Group to offer clients turnkey operations required carrying out refurbishment programs and can be delivered from the one contractor is what sets us apart from the competition

PCM Group has a fully equipped workshop with modern machinery to service all requirements within the industrial Insulation Industry based in both the NT & WA to carry out all pre-fabricated cladded and Insulation materials with our experienced sheet metal trades. PCM Group has the capabilities and experienced personal to provide PUF Foam Injection in the application of Cryogenic Insulation Systems, our vision is to use only the most advanced equipment, with our recent purchase of our Graco Reactor EXP2 elite foam spray unit.

The result of PCM Groups highly experienced personal and networks enables our client’s access to worldwide resources for the thermal insulation industry as well as the most recent technology within the Industry.

Polyurea & Specialised Coating Systems

Polyurea Coatings Systems provide state of the art protection against a wide range of liquid wastes including chemical resistance providing high build characteristics. Polyurea linings offer excellent adhesion, flexibility that provides resistance to tearing, punctures and breakdown offering suitable options for primary and secondary containment requirements.

Additional benefits of using polyurethane coatings include increased asset life expectancy, high impact resistance, fast application, excellent adhesion characteristics, and unlimited build in one application. Polyurea linings provide suitable substrate protection in particularly aggressive environments including chemical and corrosive presence.

The application of Polyurea linings requires specialist surface preparation and application methods to ensure maximum adhesion. PCM Group have delivered quality Polyurea coating programs across a range of applications including tanks (potable and non- potable), reservoirs, bunding, sewerage and water treatment plants, sewer access chambers, manholes and pipelines.

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