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PCM GROUP - Industrial Maintenance Services 

PCM Group is an Australian owned and operated company based in Darwin, Northern Territory, Perth and Karratha Western Australia were we delivering safe industrial maintenance solutions to Australian industries.
PCM Group delivers complex projects throughout Australia by combining the latest industrial technologies with a highly trained, multi-disciplined workforce providing cost effective solutions to customers looking at maximising the life cycle of their assets.

Our Vision.


Our Vision is to enable our customers to continually deliver their operations safely and efficiently, by maximising asset life of supporting infrastructure critical to businesses delivering services, products and operations.

PCM Group has developed a number of core company values that underpin our service delivery throughout our refurbishment programs. These Values set us apart from the competition ensuring that we continually look towards process and product improvements to deliver safe and compliant services. Our determination to be a market leader in our area of expertise means we are accountable for our actions and honest in our words, works and projects.


Company Values


Health & Safety

PCM Group believes in Zero Harm. We ensure that our safety management systems or those of our sub-contractors are sound to ensure that our employees, our client’s employees and the community can return home to their families each night.



We understand that in order for our customers to continue operations, we need to be at the forefront of technology and innovative solutions across our projects. PCM Group continually delivers complex projects for our customers safely whilst minimising our impact on your business.



We do what we say. PCM Group are responsive to customer needs and are committed to excellence in delivering our promises.



Acknowledging and assuming responsibility in our works and for our actions. When your project finishes, our support continues.



Honesty, consistency and accuracy in our words, works and actions.

Company Profile.


Our dedicated team is made up of industry experienced professionals that have significant experience in safely delivering industrial blasting and coating programs around Australia.

Based out of Darwin, Northern Territory, Perth and Karratha Western Australia, PCM Group provides a flexible work force that can be deployed around Australia and to offshore locations meeting a broad range of industry sectors. Over the years we have built a reputation on being able to mobilise and demobilise our workforce and equipment quickly, cost efficiently and effectively to meet the most remote operations around Australia.

Our years of experience of operating from regional well-resourced centres through to remote work sites has ensured that our employees, equipment and plant, processes, procedures and management systems have developed to provide a level of self-sufficiency and reliability needed to enable our customers to continue with production whilst prolonging asset lifecycle during any maintenance cycle.

PCM Group currently have skilled labourers located around Australia to ensure that local projects can be delivered within project budgets reducing travel and accommodation expenses, allowing project budgets to be spent on maximising the refurbishment of assets and not administrative incidentals.




PCM Group maintains a number of certification standards that ensure that the product or service we deliver, continually meets regulatory framework and quality standards.


Our Quality Management System (QMS) is certified to  AS/NZS 9001:2008 standards which follow a rigorous internal and external audit schedule annually.


Our Contractor Accreditation Limited (CAL) certification for individual categories of works during projects provides confidence to customers of a financially viable and technically capable contractor working the Northern Territory building and construction sector.


Our Safety Management Systems (SMS) is certified to ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety regulatory, with significant works conducted to ensure a full integrated management system. This integrated management system encompasses the ongoing certification of the ISO9001 Quality Management System, Safety Management System and our Environmental Management System aligned to ISO 14001.

PCM Group are also certification for coating application through the Painting Contractors Certification Program (PCCP) further highlighting our determination to be industry leaders.

Our commitment to understanding and further controlling corrosion issues within industry extends to membership of a number of guiding organisations such as Australasian Corrosion Association and NACE International Coating Inspector Program (CIP).

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