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Vessel Coatings & Anti-fouling


Surface preparation and the application of marine grade coatings to vessels is critical for ship owners to maintain reduced operating costs over the life of their vessels. If not completed correctly, increased drag resulting in higher fuel and vessel wear can contribute to degraded performance and increased maintenance costs.

At PCM Group we have been delivering new vessel coatings, repairs and docking services for over ten years. Our crews have experience in providing a range of marine services including high pressure below waterline wash downs of marine growth, surface preparation of steel and alluminimum hull vessels, application of protective coatings both anti-foul and topside and the vacuum loading of waste materials from tanks and bilges.


Our experience in the use of typical marine coatings such as Hempel, International and Jotun gives our customers the confdence that their ships are in the right hands when it comes to coating programs.


PCM Group can provide full encapsulation solutions of vessels dry docked around Australia ensuring containment of waste materials in accordance with environmental legislation.


Our previous customer have included Austal Ships, DMS Maritime,Toll, Barge Express and Serco Systems.



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