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Diversity & Inclusion

PCM Group is a Company that leads when it
comes to innovation and engagement. We pride ourselves on our constant research into how we can develop ideas to be innovative for our staff and clients.

Mum’s @ PCM Group

At PCM Group Pty Ltd, we recognize the
importance of providing mothers with the opportunity to return to the workforce without compromising the stability of their families.

The purpose of the Mum’s @ PCM Program is to provide support and training to ease the transition for mothers back into the workforce.

The program allows mothers to have flexibility in juggling both work and home life expectations and needs. We have a team conducting tasks that will give them the required skills in our ever-important industry which will benefit themselves and the project’s. Our Mum’s @ PCM Group, show amazing attention to detail. This attention to detail proves valuable with our Insulation and Wrapping (StopAq) System Projects and Mechanical Prep Works.





• Ability to work school hours
• Flexible shifts during school holidays
• Training provided
• Opportunity to work in the Industrial Services Industry
• Putting families first


Indigenous Engagement

PCM Group are proud and committed to
promoting and engaging the sustainable development of our countries first and indigenous people.

PCM Group Engage through long-term relationships of trust, respect and honesty as well as accessible, ongoing communication and information. This allows PCM Group to provide improved economic and employment opportunities.

PCM Group currently employs Indigenous trainees, apprentice’s and mum’s as part of our Mum’s @ PCM Group.

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