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PCM Group can provide complete solutions for concrete and flooring repairs and refurbishments

These structures as building facades, bridges, car parks, overpasses, wharfs, jetties, silos , marine, industrial and commercial structures such as roof tops, floors, stairways etc.

The type of services we can offer include:

  • Concrete removal by hydro demolition

  • Repair of spalling or damaged areas of concrete

  • Application of special hydraulic mortars Repair and/or replacement of joint sealants

  • Protective and architectural coatings

  • Epoxy crack injection

  • Coating systems for both single and two packs to thick self-levelling high performance anti slip toppings and high impact wear resistant coatings for any size floors and requirements.

  • Grouting solutions

  • High Performance coatings including acid protection

  • Waterproofing 

  • Protective Coatings

  • Concrete reinforcement fabrication repairs

  • Cathodic Protection (Sacrificial)

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